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February 25, 2010



There is a similar organization called Charity Choice, and every year for Chanukah one of the gifts we get Joshua is a gift card to Charity Choice. He gets to look through a list of charities and pick up to three to donate to. In the process, we discuss what the different charities do and talk about all the need there is in the world. He enjoys it, and I think it's a nice counterpoint to the pile of gifts on the table.


That is a really excellent gift idea! Do you know what percent actually goes to the organization you choose?


Thanks for highlighting GlobalGiving Gift Cards! We're glad you enjoyed using it - it's great to get this feedback. To answer Elena's question, a minimum of 85% of the donation/gift card amount goes to the project organization; GlobalGiving retains 15% to help source, vet, and promote the projects (and cover credit card fees). The donor can opt to cover the 15%, in which case 100% goes to the project.

Thanks again for the shout out and for helping get the word out!

joan @ globalgiving


Wow, I get to "talk" to the coolest people here at Verbatim! Thanks for the info.

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