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February 02, 2010



Yep, "livery" and "delivery" are related if you go back far enough (to Latin "liberare," to liberate). But "livery" had its own evolution. Here's www.etymonline.com on "livery":

c.1300, "household allowance of any kind (food, provisions, clothing) to retainers or servants," from Anglo-Fr. livere (late 13c.), O.Fr. livrée, originally "(clothes) delivered by a master to his servants," from fem. pp. of livrer "to dispense, deliver, hand over," from L. liberare (see liberate). The sense later was reduced to "servants' rations" and "provender for horses" (mid-15c.). The former led to the meaning "distinctive clothing given to servants" (early 14c.); the latter now is obsolete except in livery stable (1705).

("Liver," the organ, comes from an unrelated Old English word.)

(And I can't play Words with Friends with you because I don't have an iPhone, nor is there an iPhone in my future. Sorry!)


Is Words with Friends available on line for those of us who think phones are simple communication devices?


Am I the only person on earth who doesn't yet have an iPhone? You iPhone people always have to rub it in! :)


I'm guessing you would understand why I can never bring myself to buy Garelick Farms milk.


You're so kind in not gloating about your win!


I was surprised that a wordsmith like you didn't know the word livery. I always assume that if I know something, then everyone does!!!!!!

But then I had ponies and horses as a child and was always into historical fiction in my younger years so maybe that accounts for it. Not so much into history these days, it's enough dealing with the here and now.....

I have an Iphone but have to say I hate Scrabble and always refused to play with my mother. Now that she's no longer with us, I do have occasional pangs of guilt over that.



I do know the word livery, just wasn't sure if it was etymologically related to delivery.

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