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February 13, 2010



The only thing you buy with an extended warranty is an explanation of what's not covered by your extended warranty.

The product comes with a warranty. Lean on the retailer and the manufacturer to make sure it does what it's supposed to do.


Extended warranties are for suckers. I'd never get one unless I knew for sure that a) I had to have the item working and b) I absolutely could not afford to replace it it if the unthinkable happens.


We love our ice and water dispenser on the door, BUT it was the first part to break at 1 yr and 12 days...so not covered under the 1-year warranty. Grrr... and yes, we had it fixed at $600 - about half the cost of the fridge! I am one of those that is happy that stainless does not hold magnets -I really hate fridges covered with "stuff" and prefer a clean look.


I agree with Ricky and Scott. Extended warranties are big money makers for the manufacturer or the retailer. Better to pay for repairs when needed. How long did you have your last refrigerator before it broke? In the long run you probably paid less to repair it than the warranty would have cost and then you decided to replace it.

Enjoy your new one.


I read in Consumer Reports that most warranties are not worth the paper they're printed on. If I can find that article I will pass it on. Good luck! And post more Bat Mitzvah pictures please!


We don't buy extended warranties with anyone or for anything other than appliances from Sears because the come and do maintenance and a check over once a year as part of their plan. Please keep in mind this is a heck of a deal for us as we live 200 km from a major center and so for us to have someone come and and check our stuff out as part of a plan saves us huge in the long run. We have found they have caught things and repaired the minor things before they became big things as we were were out an appliance on the road hauling our appliance to a repair shop.


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