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February 16, 2010


Papa Lew

It sounds like the Bat Mitzvah is much more about the partying than about the ceremony and its significance. What has happened to the simple luncheon after the service?


(said in sing-song voice)Making memories!


You've never stayed in a hotel room by yourself? You never had to travel for your job or anything? I think I first stayed in a hotel room by myself when I was 18, and many, many times since.


Jewish Baltimore is quite small in area (Park Heights to Pikesville/Stevenson) so you shouldn't have much of a problem getting around town. That corner of the world is right outside Baltimore city limits, and to get into town is similar to where we live and Boston. You'll LOVE Baltimore. It's really a fabulous city that people don't appreciate because they don't know it, but once you spend any time there, you fall in love, even with parts of the city that are in South Bronx 1960 shape, if you know what I mean.

Have a great time, and if you get invited to a lot of simcha's this year, have the girls start trading dresses. There should be quite a pool of dresses at your shul, and eventually they can all wear every one of them. :-)

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