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February 27, 2010



I guess I am not so public to tweet so I stick to FB. But then I miss all the good stuff! Dammit!


those northern cockroaches have a funny accent!!


Ok, now I don't feel so bad about suddenly having grown-up bug phobias that are crippling my life. The bugs here in Missouri are three times the size of that thing and twice as ugly. Even moths here are like something from The Mothman Prophecy. I used to not be afraid of spiders, and now I'm terrified of them. Not to the mention the gazillion other bugs that show up around here, always on MY front door even without the porch light on, or in my living room. When I was in Chicago all I ever saw was an occasional millipede or a fly. Not even any spiders, and if there was a spider, they were microscopically tiny. This is a whole other planet down here, and I don't like it one bit. I wanna' go back up North! So, did you find out what that bug was? I think I've seen them around here. It is obviously a type of beetle, which are plentiful here, and maybe even a roach, which are also plentiful. They actually roam the streets. I never saw a cockroach until I moved to Warrenton. Or a lizard. Or a snail.


Joel, I don't tweet either. I'm on Twitter, but I don't understand how to use it or follow the comments there. I think it appeals more to people using mobile devices, which I do not. It seems rather disjointed and haphazard to me. I am more partial to Facebook. Funny, because I will get e-mails announcing that so-and-so is following me on Twitter, but I'm never going anywhere! lol


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I shamelessly stole that joke and your comment about the fact that it is a triple threat (well, I made up the triple-threat part)!

Cliff would tell you that I am a master at stealing other people's material....


I saw tons and tons of cockroaches when I lived in Chicago! I am terrified of bugs, especially roaches and spiders. We have MONSTER spiders here--they are as big as my hand, I tell you! I will not set foot in the state of South Carolina again. Enough said.


Jon Stewart...love him...get ALL of my important news from him. It's much more palatable from the Daily Show.

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