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February 07, 2010



I'm glad it went so well! What wonderful memories for the whole family, but especially for Steph, knowing that she did such a lovely job.


My heart is full for Steph and for you!


I'm loving reading all about this.


Mazel Tov

Kathleen Kammer Hake

So wonderful! I cried all the way through your post. How great for Steph and your family to have such an amazing and affirming day!


I am so glad it went so well. One down, two to go.


Mazel tov! It's been great reading about this journey, as we're still a few years away from our own. Congratulations to both you and Steph.


Mazel tov, Karen! Mazel tov to your whole family! What a wonderful occasion... I'm so glad you wrote about it because I'd been thinking of you all weekend and hoping everything would go just perfectly. It sounds like it was even better than perfect! Mazel tov!


Aha! You answered my unspoken question...about the waterworks! I cried through your posts and wondered how/whether you made it through yourself! It all sounds so wonderful.

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