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March 15, 2010



New Mac Day is the most exciting day of whatever year in which it falls! If you need help opening it and setting it up, let me know and I'll show up with my Swiss Army Knife! It's only a seven hour drive, after all :-)


Woohoo! Be sure to take a pic once you have it all set up! (Doesn't require you to be a professional photographer). :o)


i want a picture of the second grader and 2 cats in the box!!


Please let me know if you have any problems with the new MS Office. I've been struggling...and haven't had time to call to see if it's me or the program. Congrats...new Mac and St. Patrick's Day all in the same week....woo-hoo!


At my new job, I've gotten used to using 4 monitors at a time. I never thought I'd see a need for them, and now I don't know how I ever lived without them. (And my boss uses 8!)


See, we have an iMac, but I've been seriously lusting after a MacBook Pro. Please, economy, turn around!


Best with the Mac. One thing about the printer. I assume you got the inkjet. These things are rip offs. They sell them cheap and hope you continue buying their super expensive ink. If you really want to print--not photos, but text--then you're better off getting a cheap laser jet. You will get reliable printing for years out of replacement cartridges. Even the free starter cartridge lasted me a year. If you want to print pics, you're much better off printing them 13 cents a pop at Costco.

The Brother 3 in ones -- Laser printer, scanner, fax -- WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! Scan all documents wirelessly and throw them out!

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