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March 09, 2010



Bravo! What an accomplishment -- no small feat in a city as big and, well, accomplished as Newton. I wonder if it helped Julie's nerves and confidence to have seen her big sister "get up there and nail it" for her own big day (Bat Mitzvah) so recently. But this one is all Julie's! Wonderful. (And Bravo to Julie's training partner -- on the win, and, belatedly on your blog-iversary!)


i just love this stuff....teary eyed,,,so sweet!!


The apple didn't fall far from the tree!! Congratulations, Julie. AWESOME!!

Kim Buckton

Congrats Julie! Well done!

Rachel K.

Like mother, like daughter! What a proud moment!


Go Julie!!! Wow, big news! Congrats!


Congratulations Julie!

I miss our Learning Express. My boys loved that store.

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs)

Huzzah, Julie! Way to go from one bee winner to another! ;)

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