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March 24, 2010



Agreed! ("Yes we did!")


I've been a nervous wreck for weeks over this. It ain't over yet, alas. Lawsuits filed by GOP 10th-Amendment-nutcase governors, etc. etc. Sigh. I can't figure out what Obama's done, to inspire such venom. It's baffling.



This summary is very interesting and informative.


LOL, I mentioned that poll and the Herbert column on Twitter yesterday. Great minds think alike! ;-) Also, I am getting fed up with those who claim that the level of invective was just as bad coming from the Democrats under Bush. No way was there this sort of threatening atmosphere, with members of Congress being called hateful epithets and our elected national leaders stirring the pot (think Sarah Palin & her Twitter comment yesterday that it is time for healthcare bill opponents to "reload.") Enough!


Hmmm, came here to say exactly what Elena says she's sick of hearing. Oh, well. Here it is. President Bush is still demonized daily. Sick of hearing it. He was ridiculed in a film called "W" before he was even out of office. Lots of hateful things said about him and even to him, then and now after he is no longer president. Yet no one remembers that or cares to mention it. It offends me. By the way, I read Mr. Herbert's article. He neglected to mention the ugly, despicable behavior of some liberals including some SEIU members and how they beat up a guy here in Missouri for trying to pass out "Don't Tread on Me" flags at a town hall meeting. He is lumping all Tea Party members and all Republicans in one pot as mean spirited and evil. Not every Tea Party member or Republican spits on people, incites violence, or ridicules the handicapped or the sick. Not true. But, to be fair, it was an op-ed piece, so of course it was going to be biased.


Laura, I think the point here is that Herbert is talking about Republican senators and representatives doing these despicable things, not random people out there. No elected Democrat that I can think of has ever resorted to hurling racial epithets at other congressmen. From what I've seen, Democrats debate the issues, and Republicans eventually bring race and religion into every debate -- and in an ugly way. Democrats are by no means without fault -- no one thinks that -- but the hate coming from the right is overwhelming. Liberals don't have a Rush Limbaugh or a Glenn Beck or any of those other mean, hateful guys spewing nasty, hate-filled filth on a daily basis. If you're about to suggest Jon Stewart or Keith Olbermann, I'm about to start laughing.

I don't expect any of this to change your mind. We can agree to disagree -- that's the beauty of this country.


I don't think anyone has forgotten how much liberals and Democrats despised Bush. It may surprise Laura to know that I was a die-hard conservative all my life--always voted Republican and everything!--and was one of the last supporters of GW Bush. However, as Karen and Bob Herbert state, this has gone to a whole new level. When we have a (thankfully failed) VP candidate urging her followers to "reload" and putting crosshairs on a map of districts where she would like to see Democrats voted out of office, we have reached a dangerous place. I absolutely agree that all Republicans are not nasty or violent. I also know that I have had friends of 25+ years--good, close friends--who are Republicans & Tea Partyers who have insulted me deeply and continuously for leaving the fold. These people have gone off the rails and we don't need our national politicans (let alone TV and radio blowhards) fanning the flames.


OK, I know this is an opinion piece, but Krugman makes the point I was trying to make so much more effectively.

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