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March 17, 2010



What wonderful photos! I'm not a bit bored. I tend to put lots of pictures of my girls on the blog. I like looking at them, even if other people aren't interested.


Please, bore me with all 655 photos. Really i love this stuff. I want it all!! AT LEAST ONE PHOTO OF MY LONG LOST COUSINS OR RACHEL WITH ANYONE will do. am i begging yet? It was about 20 years since we were all together like that so, i can wait a little longer...


Wow! Amazing. I love both photos. Technology is great (when it works).


Aww, they look great.


Funny - I was just wondering today, while preparing for a photo shoot, if you had received your pictures yet. Not a bit boring. :)


Oh, g'head and post any photos you want. The magic of blogs is, people can scan them at will.

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