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March 07, 2010



I check to make sure the hotel room door is locked. Over and over. Ugh.


I traveled so much for gymnastics that I had to let go of some of that. (but not all) My main worries were the cell and when I went to Africa the PASSPORT. You can easily get a dup room key; believe me I know!! I am still excited to stay in hotel rooms, just to check out the TV and the shampoos. Bellingham wasn't too exciting, but it was still different from home.


I travel with the 3 kids by myself quite a bit and usually my main concern is that I am going to lose one of THEM (it was much easier in some ways when they were in the stroller and I KNEW where they were!) Although 2 years ago were about to miss our flight and it was the LAST gate in the terminal in Atlanta, I said to the kids "mom is going to run, just stay together and catch me at the end" - we still missed the flight, but that was an adventure for them!


I am an awful traveler when it involves getting on a plane. Nervous nellie doesn't begin to cover it. But Ativan seems to help nicely!


Karen, I too am a Checker but only because previous to becoming a Checker, i was a LOSER--I am the person who swears i put my ID in my front pocket and now it's GONE, omigod, what am i gonna do, oh wait, here it is in my back pocket.

So now I Check all the time.

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