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April 21, 2010



The last one makes me laugh. A long time ago, I was a waiter in a pretty expensive French restaurant. And for laughs, we used to go around the tables with a pepper grinder and see who could sneak in a "Care for a little black pecker in your salad?"

You had to say it fast and with a straight face.


I appear to be an alien .. :) I still enjoy your blog though.


Who is this Goldberg buffoon?


I'm not sure books are proof read any more. I find amazing errors even when I'm trying not to proofread.


Oh, they sure are, Ruthe -- I do proofreading as well as copyediting. It's especially important for cookbooks, where even a tiny error can make a huge difference (like leaving out an ingredient, or getting the quantity wrong).


I love Jon Stewart - thanks for posting this one!

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