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May 20, 2010



had a GE for 20 years and the next ge for the past 9.(wow i am old) anyhow as far as washers the same went for our 1st one, a ge , that we purchased in lafayette, la as a set and it was the cheapest one at the time, but....** they dont make em like they used to!****. so, i suggest you go there to get your 1st set.
other than that, we now live with the washer model wjre5500ww a GE, that spins so hard it tangles and knots all our sleeves and any stringy thingy.dont get that one whatever you do. the 1 before it lasted like 2 yrs, a fridgedare, that the switch had to be replaced on the lid 2 times (could it be that we had to walk on it a little to reach the storage above?) anyhow then i was like buy the cheap one and see, and now i see . so let me know which washer you get? we have ruined all our clothes!


I have the Whirlpool Duet - for the size and the front load feature on the washer. I like them and so far no problems -two years old. My old Kenmore is still working in the basement. I have heard friends rave about the Miele but so pricey. Go to Yale Appliance or Sears. Good luck.

A Bluebonnet in Beantown

We bought Samsung front-loaders last year. Is it possible to love a washer/dryer set? I don't care. I love them. They make my life easier. The washer cleans well, getting out the various muddy, saucy, mystery splats that occur daily here. I can wash a king-sized comforter without jamming it around the agitator. The Samsung has some sort of anti-vibration technology. Very important if one's appliances are on wood joists and not concrete slab. Those drums spin at a freakish speed. We have the fairly basic set. The one without the "hospital linen sterilize" setting or the "embellished tulle" setting. The basic set works for us. Have fun appliance shopping!


A couple of months ago I got the Whirpool Duet washer and the GE Profile dryer. I decided to go with a mix match instead of a pair because it's behind laundry doors, nobody sees it, the dryer fit in the space better and it was less expensive than the Duet dryer. The one thing to remember is that dryers aren't Energy Star rated. If you buy a washer that has a good spin cycle, that's great for the dryer. Also, if you can get a dryer with heat sensors to shut off when your clothes are dry, that saves energy. However, I keep trying to catch my dryer sensing and stopping and I've never been able to. I think it may be going through the whole cycle each time even if the clothes are dry but I'm not sure. I need to investigate this more. That said, I really like both my washer and dryer. Good luck!


We have an Amana top-loading washer and dryer. Bought them 9 years ago when we moved into this house and have never had a problem with them. Nothing fancy, and they work great. And with two teenagers, who seem to change outfits five times a day, they get a lot of heavy use.


I have had consistently good luck with Kenmore. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge. Good luck.


Why are major appliances such a pain to purchase? I really hate shopping for those things!
Three years ago, we purchased a GE set. Washer is a front loader and as mentioned earlier, the spin is so hard that everything comes out wrinkled. The wrinkle-removal setting on the dryer is completely futile. (Otherwise, the dryer is the best I've ever had.) I've learned that "dress clothes" come out looking a lot better if I spin at the low setting. Jeans, towels, undies, and socks can go in on the high spin - really gets the excess water out and eliminates long drying times.
All-in-all, I like the set. I like the lower water bill and I don't use as much detergent as before with the top loader.
With cats, you should know that most front loaders have one small drain in the front area of the gasket. That often gets clogged with cat hair and I need to clear it almost every other load or I end up with a puddle in the front of the machine.
Good luck!


You may not remember how I waxed rhapsodic about my pair a couple years ago...


The love affair is still alive!

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