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May 15, 2010



Thanks for the Freddie Mercury link, Karen. Always wanted to hear Queen live but for some reason, never did. What a voice. What a loss. As I often do when great talent leaves our world too soon, I wonder what they'd be doing today if they had lived.


There are few, if any, bloggers who induce me to actually click on a link...especially to a video. But you Karen, Queen of Scrabble, grabbed me with Grammar Nazi and swung me around, throwing me to the ground with Somebody to Love. Brilliant!


Wouldn't have thought you a Queen fan (why, I don't know) but I *love* the link. Freddie Mercury consistently makes my list of best singers ever. (Could I be more emphatic with my superlatives? I'm laying off the exclamation marks in the hopes you take me seriously...) Thanks for that link! A truly astounding song.


In truth, I was never a Queen fan -- never owned a single Queen album -- although of course I knew all their hits just from listening to the radio. But as I got older, I gained a true appreciation for Freddie, who was indeed one of the best vocalists of all time. This particular track just mesmerizes me -- the lyrics, and the way he sings it. I've been watching it over and over lately.

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