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May 02, 2010



Hang in there!


That would be a pain. It's hard for me to remember not to run my toothbrush under the tap; it's a habit! I had to constantly be aware of what I was doing in Africa because of the water issue. Hope it's resolved soon.


Mark came out of the bathroom yesterday and said "I accidentently washed my hands with water!" So many years of washing your hands after going to the bathroom . . . .

Sent Mark to school with water. Keep cool today.


I have to respectfully disagree here. "Heavily-chlorinated pond water" isn't really something I want to drink, boiled or no! Boiling doesn't remove particulates, and who knows what the lead, mecury, etc. levels are. Boiling won't help them, either. We had the supposedly "clean" MWRA water tested a few years ago, and it barely met national safety standards (and I mean barely --hence our filter.) I don't think I want to take a chance on what's in this stuff! It's bottled water for me, I guess. Hopefully this will all be over in a few days anyway, and hopefully no one will have gotten sick, boiled, bottled or otherwise!


Well, it isn't exactly like that -- only about 3% (or possibly less, from what I've read) of the water coming into our homes is "pond water"; the rest is the same water we have always had (and have always filtered), being rerouted via a backup system. In any event, there's no reason you can't pour the boiled water through a filter, as we do.


I think I would have been one of those rushing out to buy bottled water. I don't think I would have trusted the boiling to kill whatever nefarious microbes were in the tap water.

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