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May 26, 2010


Chuck Tanowitz

I like the only trick. Very cool.


Cool! I just have one question. Did you really lend someone your iPhone? :)

Catherine Azzarello

So cool!

I used to volunteer teach art literacy to my kids' (I have 3) elementary school classes once/month. Engaging them is the hardest part--especially with age ranges from 6-12.

Best class ever? Teaching 2nd graders about architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright--on Halloween. What did we do? We made small models of haunted houses. And boy, did those 8-year-olds get into it!

My ice breaker...'What does Dracula NOT want in his bedroom?'

I had a blast. My daughter, Marjorie, wasn't so sure...I 'dressed up' in all black and spiked my hair. Wore sunglasses and a bandage on my neck. Teacher and kids loved it, but Marjorie was really concerned about the bandage...I hadn't had any owies in the morning before school!

Sometimes, we really ARE supermoms!

Molly Walker

Could you loan me your iPhone? Just kidding. Great post and explanation for the kids.


I love this, Karen. It sounds like you did a great job.


When my son was in kindergarten, I told him I was going to change jobs and would be working with his friend's mother. Then I went to see his teacher who asked me if I was a doctor. When I asked why, she said that my son thought I was a doctor. Obviously he thought that, like Barbie, one could change careers by changing your clothes. His friend's mother is a doctor.

So I did a discussion with the kindergarten class about marketing physicians so that my son and the other kids would know what I did. I brought in cereal boxes and asked them which ones were supposed to be for kids and which for grown-ups and how they knew. We talked about logos and taglines --- they knew all of them. Then I asked them where I should do advertising for the doctors and what I should say. These 5 year-olds knew exactly where one would find ads -- and they wanted to say things like "it doesn't hurt when the doctor puts that thing in your ear". It was great fun.


Wish I could have been there - sounds right up my alley. But what do I do all day? Do housewives get to give a talk?


Great lesson. Funny about the laundry.

Rachel K

Laundry! LOL!!!!!! I love it!


LOVE it. Love IT. LOVE IT!

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