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May 13, 2010



It's interesting you mention this today. I posted a tongue-in-cheek status yesterday about a porn parody of "Jersey Shores" I had read on TMZ (yikes - did I just confess I read TMZ?).

A friend commented to Cliff about his concern that his 13-year-old niece would see my posting - which has raised all kinds of interesting questions for me: Do I censor myself? Should a 13-year-old be friends with the friend of a 41-year-old? How does one monitor/manage content and what kids see?

Sounds like this is a "universal" (i.e., developed countries) problem.


I'm on Facebook and find it very interesting, but am horrified by some of what I see others posting--statuses, photos,etc... (especially the college kids who don't seem to know how to ratchet up their privacy settings) I'm a friend to both my daughters and make sure to let them know if I see anything inappropriate on their sites, which are usually tagged photos of them where someone else is doing something ridiculous. (however, they are 20 and nearly 24, so it's really none of my business) :)

Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

Isn't YourSphere great? My step-son who's 12 is loving it too. And I like the fact that the site is also maintained by law enforcement authorities to make sure no sex predators can access the site. The site is definitely kid-friendly and a much safer alternative to Facebook and MySpace! :)

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