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June 06, 2010



I forgot you're a Brownie. My daughter went there (son was at Toke Hill) and we LOVED it. Mr J is such a great principal. The only negative is one teacher who shall remain nameless, although if you have experienced him, you know who he is, who refused to give a grade higher than a C and made sure that the kids knew it. My daughter tried SO hard in his class, but she got nothing but C's on all her papers. So I wrote one of the papers. Me, the professional writer who has written plenty of books and papers. And he gave me a C and clearly marked off stuff that was ridiculous. So I made an appt with Mr J, brought in my strunk and white and chicago manual, amongst references and disproved EVERYTHING this guy had marked down as being wrong. It was WAR from that moment on, and Mr J admitted that had there not been tenure, this teacher would be long gone. :-)

I did the Aids Walk once, but my walking days are long over with. It was a great experience, along with the Walk for Hunger which I did a couple of times. Can you say SERIOUS blisters?

We lost a tree which is now laying dramatically across our front lawn. Fortunately it did not block any street, driveway, or fall on anything other than grass. Unfortunately, we have to deal with it ourselves because it isn't one inch on city property. Damn.

Have you driven down Chestnut yet? It looks like a war zone. Trees down left and right, and all sorts of debris from branches already cleaned up. OY, what a storm!


One more Brown comment. Have you experienced Mrs C in the math dept. BEST MATH TEACHER EVER. OK, she talks about her daughters non-stop and she's strict and HARD, but your kids learn way more with her than with anyone else. She tells the kids that, too!

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