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June 15, 2010



Perhaps Pete would go for this method of tooth extraction.



Hadn't y'all discovered the "Starburst" method of tooth extraction? (Though, I do like the rocket).

Clay Class? Hip-Hop? I love it. But you deserver an adult weekend on the cape!

Rachel K

I, too, am looking forward to summer. No homework, no hebrew school. Although, work doesn't stop for me, but at least the kids will be having some fun at camp, vacation, etc. Happy summer!


school ended for us 3 weeks ago today (well for the kids) and we just ended dance this past weekend, the last baseball tournament is this coming weekend and football for my oldest NEVER ends (summer practice for high school team 3 days a week all summer). I am getting the feeling that I won't get a break from carting kids to various activities until they graduate from high school or get a license/car, which ever comes first!
Hoping Pete's gets at least one of those teeth out before the dentist has a wack (and a bill) at them!

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