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June 09, 2010



Maybe you could put up a clothesline until you get a new dryer. I just put up a clothesline umbrella that I bought at the Home Depot for $40 and have been shocked by both the ease and speed line of line drying. Three hugs loads put up in the morning were completely dry in the afternoon.


We've got clothes racks and makeshift clotheslines (Julie can't find her jump rope -- hmmmm) all over the house for now. I've also managed to get the dryer to work for a few minutes at a time for a few items at a time -- woo hoo! As soon as I put something outside to dry, it starts raining. (Yes, the recent rain has been all my fault.)

I also have 8 sets of sheets waiting to go in, and there ain't a clothesline in the world big enough for all that. Sigh.


Doesn't the guy in the movie Cast Away knock one of his own teeth out with an ice skate and a rock?

Rachel K

That is AWESOME that Pete hit his first home run! Wow, what a feeling that must have been for him. My 10 year old son hasn't hit the big one yet, but I can only imagine how exciting it will be when he does.

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