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June 02, 2010



Ok and so ALSO, with Grocery IQ (the rec for which I got from you, so h/t), I made a store called 'Packing' and then made a master list of everything I would need to pack for a trip EVER, and then when I'm going somewhere I just scroll through the master list and add all the obvious ones (pajamas, contact solution) as well as the I-always-forget-these (bathing suit, nice heels) as appropriate for the trip. BRILLIANT! You just have to set 'Store Items Only' to 'On' so that 'Those jeans that make my ass look good' isn't cluttering up your master grocery list.


I just had the feeling you'd like Grocery IQ, Karen. I don't know why it is so reassuring to me to have that list with me all the time, but it is. And to Raych: what a great idea. Love apps that can pull double duty. Thanks!

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