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June 03, 2010



Because I'm lazy and impatient, I did some minimal research and wound up buying a GE Profile top-loading HE washer. They were running a special at Lowe's (which I've also seen on line) so I saved $150 plus 10% (plus a GA $50 rebate). It's got a lot of capacity and, unlike our previous front-loader, doesn't shake the house when spinning (it's on the second floor) - but still get clothes incredibly rung out during the spin cycle.



Thought about hanging your wash outside in the meantime in this warm weather? It's the eco-friendly thing to do!


We do hang some stuff outside (and inside), but it's mostly too humid to get anything really dry. And it keeps raining! Plus we generate a lot of laundry. Five people's clothes, towels, and sheets translates to a load or two every single day. There just isn't anywhere to hang all that stuff even if it did get dry.

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