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June 29, 2010


Conor M

Oh my goodness! Laughed til I cried at Catalog Living!


I don't know if I've lost my sense of humor or what, but I didn't find that phone video funny at all. Maybe I'm just too frustrated over the way the nerditocracy compares these products by bullet-pointed features while completely ignoring how (or whether) any of those features work.

Still, at least there's a rebuttal...



I maybe shouldn't have watched the iPhone video with my 10-year-old standing right here. Oops.


Thanks for the link to Catalog Living! I love June 24th and both June 15ths!

karen polinsky

Check out unhappyhispsters.com too. It's like the catalog one, but for modern houses/decor. I also love Cake Wrecks. I usually let these two pile up a bit so I can roar for a while when reading them.


OMG, Catalog Living is hilarious! Thanks. I needed that laugh.

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