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July 13, 2010



Next you have to read Straight Man. Fall off the couch funny.


Oh, I have read it! Wonderful!


Uh oh. I had that book on my shelf for years and never read it, and now I think it's gone. I did see the movie, though! I have never been able to get into Richard Russo.


Now I'm starting to doubt myself. I'm not so sure the ending is different! This script says my memories going: http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/n/nobodys-fool-script-transcript-russo.html

I'm going to have to get this one from Netfix, quick.




Okay, after reading this (http://briansawyer.net/2003/10/30/nobodys-fool-book-and-movie/) I think it was different, but perhaps not different in the way we discussed.

Now I have to rewatch the movie AND reread the book!

Anyway, have you read "That Old Cape Magic" yet? More like a novella, and the perfect quick summer read.


The Risk Pool was my first and favorite Russo novel. Straight Man was good too.


Oh, I absolutely LOVED "Nobody's Fool!" And yes, the movie was excellent and perfectly cast.

Susan Champlin

Oh boy, nothing I love better than a good Richard Russo discussion! I believe that "Empire Falls" is his hands-down masterpiece, but, like Sharon, I also loved "The Risk Pool"—definitely a strong #2 for me. Like you, I saw the movie of "Nobody's Fool" first, and so had the pleasure of watching Paul Newman in my head while reading the book. Not a bad thing while reading late at night.

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