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July 21, 2010



Very cool. My fear of a CSA is landing up with tons of kale one week (which I would have to use) and yearning for fruit. . . you know. Sounds like a great deal!


Wish wish wish we had something like that around here! Sounds wonderful.


Thanks for this tip - I'm going to head out there next week. Thanks to your post, I just signed up for their email notices. We have a great Farmers' Market once a week, but sometimes I need to supplement, so this is great to know about.


We gave up our CSA share this year after several years. We were getting way more vegetables than we could eat. Especially Kale and other similar greens! We did learn to prepare some new foods but my children probably won't miss eating swiss chard. I feel bad because the farmers are wonderful and I liked supporting local sustainable agriculture. Now I try to shop at the local farmer's market as much as possible.


oh, i would love this. we have a wonderful csa...but too many carrots and cukes. i would love to feel a bit more in control of dinner. ENJOY!


Great concept. Our downtown market which features only locally grown produce is introducing a concept like this but like a CSA, I get a discount when I pay in advance.

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