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July 06, 2010



It is hard to forgive Diane Lane for Nights in Rodanthe.


By all accounts, I am grateful I never saw that. She has plenty of other unforgivables in her oeuvre, though. Too bad, because I like her for some reason!


My daughter saw The Last Air bender and said it was awful, in fact, painful to watch. She is 20 though. (loves the series however)


I've heard Last Airbender is terrible.

Ellen Kimball

Karen, if it's any consolation, even the movie critics I know are all saying that summer movies are terrible. I took one bonus grandchild to see "Toy Story 3" -- that's about it. I officially ended my movie and entertainment reviewing career on June 1, 2010. I started in Boston in 1971. It's a long run! You might try checking out live theater this summer. It does get expensive if all five of you are going. On July 17, I'm taking seven-year-old Aliyah to see a semi-professional theater group doing "The King and I" -- looks quite good!


Ellen in Portland

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