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July 25, 2010



It's the story of the end of an era: The last few days in the lives of the ragtag bunch of employees left at an English-language newspaper based in Rome, before it finally folds.

That sounds so.. unfascinating. This is my problem with a lot of fiction these days. It's so dreadfully boring.

I read an article not long ago (can't find!) in which it says this is the reason for the popularity of "young adult" fiction among actual adults: they tend to be big on story even if they don't contain impeccable prose.


But Scott, that's because you tend to favor books (and movies) that feature sci-fi, adventure, and so on. This story WAS fascinating to me, and things did indeed happen, but nothing "exciting" in a thriller kind of way. I loves books that are strong on character development and prose style -- not at the expense of a plot, but plot is not the main thing that makes me a consider a book worth reading.


Have you been turned down by other lenders?

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