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July 11, 2010



Forget the soccer, I'm actually interested in knowing more about your cleaning lady!! :) Does she work outside of Newton?

Rachel K

LOL. Nasty comment? Are you kidding me? That's exactly how I choose a team to root for! LOL. Agree with Italy (love red wine), Germany (holocaust) and of course Brazil, because I, too, LOVE my cleaning lady! Boy, are we ignorant or what? Apologies to whomever I have offended. As Karen said, "humor!"

Rachel K

Oh, and I rooted for Spain too because I took 7 years of Spanish in school and loved it! :)

Lona Froshaug

My son Dylan assigned everyone teams before the World Cup began. Guess what my team was? Spain!


That's exactly how I pick who to root for too! Love Brazil - my brother in law studied there and I too love my Brazilian cleaning lady. Actually Love any South American team - my husband is from Venezuela. Love Spain - have relatives living there. Love Italy - the best food in the world. Love Ghana - who doesn't?


I root for the teams with the cutest players.


My wife rooted for Spain over the Netherlands due to the way Holland handled the Natalee Holloway case! I said any reason is a good reason :)

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