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August 16, 2010



You don't really need to use HE detergent. You can use the old stuff you just have to use REALLY little of it (like barely enough to cover the bottom of the cap). Doing this one bottle of laundry detergent last us about a year.


Congrats on the new appliance. I love new appliances and would replace mine annually if it weren't a ridiculous and expensive thing to do.

We had a front-loading washer and didn't do a good job of keeping it free of mildew - so our clothes (and especially towels) started to stink after a few years. Something to watch out for.

Once our new washer was in place, I actually did laundry. Then the novelty wore off (sad face). Maybe when we get the new dryer I'll find myself doing a few more loads.


We have that same set. I learned only recently to leave the washer door open for 15 minutes after each load to let the glass front dry out. The other great thing about the HE washer is that if you are on septic, like we are, you are advised to do only 2 loads per day with a conventional washer! I can only do laundry on the weekend so now with the HE I can do as many as I need! I still laugh about someone on your blog who noted that when you load the washer the clothes ALWAYS fall out on your head. This is absolutely true.


I think that you have to use the HE deteregent or you will ruin the machine. At least that is what happened to mine. I have a new one that I love. Another front loader. Enjoy yours....


I've had our front loader for >10 years and have never used HE liquid. Still running fine. You need to cut WAY back on the soap. The HE soap is exactly the same as the non-HE it's just less concentrated (and more expensive even though there is less "soap" in it). I saw an article that said most people use too much soap regardless of the type of machine and that will kill your machine as well as not doing as good a job of cleaning your clothes (a little counter-intuitive but what happens is soap residue gets left on your clothes). As far as cleaning the machine itself, our manufacturer recommends a cleaning cycle periodically (basically a big load of bleach followed by a bunch of rinses and a wipedown of the gaskets). this seems to keep the machine clean.

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