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August 11, 2010



I'd love to plug a very special charity in response to your aside on the DVDs. Child's Play is a charity that provides materials to children's hostpitals. You buy things through your Amazon account and they are shipped directly to the hospital to be used by the children there. Since I'm often looking for things to get to the free shipping limit on Amazon, my local children's hospital gets several packs of markers, crayons and/or books a year from me.

Ok, I'm done hijacking your post. And I'm so glad that Steph's doing well!


So sorry to hear all of this, but I'm glad Steph is feeling better. And yes, MGH nurses are the best!


I totally agree with you about nurses. I tend to spend a lot of my time in the hospital and the nurses make it so much more pleasant than it would otherwise be. Like Steph imhave terrible.veins and IVs no.longer work
for me. I have to get a pic line and it can be pretty traumatic but for the nurses who go way out of their way to distract me.

I'm so glad Steph is feeling better m

Hadlunch at the Biltmore today and thought of you. Also Zape has been totally renovated and revamped with newmerchandise. My kid works there!


Makes me think I should be a nurse. It was on my list in fourth grade. Then I learned about blood and bed pans and said forget it. I'm not cut out for it, but I wish I was. I wish I knew WHAT I'm supposed to be!


I couldn't agree more about nurses! Cliff was just in the hospital 2 weeks ago with viral meningitis (it was awful). The nurses made it so much more tolerable. Their patience and kindness was astounding.

Because he was in isolation, all the nurses wore masks, so we never even got to see their faces!

And I am so glad that Steph is feeling better! No fun for anyone, especially a kid.


thank you for saying all those things about nurses. I've been a nurse for a long time and didn't know how appreciated and respected that we really are.

Rachel Kagno

I guess I'm biased toward NWH nurses... :) Glad you had a positive experience at NWH and MGH. We always like to hear the good stuff! Thanks Karen.


So glad all is ok....Nothing like being in the hospital with your child to appreciate not being in the hospital with your child...Were you on Ellison 17? We spent 2 months there and loved many of the nurses.

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