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August 25, 2010



let me guess who made those afghans...


Ha! You look like hell. :)

Never heard "high hosey" or any variant thereof. Interesting.

James Burke

:( It stinks that the weather took such a turn for the worse. We ran 6 miles in it this morning, but we were dressed knowing we'd get soaked, which is different. I hate wet jeans.

At least it was a good game!


We used to "I-hosey" the front seat in the car when I was a kid. We'd say "I call, I hosey!". If you just said "I call the front seat", someone would say "No, I have it - You didn't I hosey!"

Rachel K

There is nothing worse than soaking wet jeans stuck to your legs. But seeing Mike Lowell would have helped matters...I absolutely LOVE him.


I had the same sore throat experience last night before I went to bed. Strange.


Love the pic!


Here we call "shotgun." Or as the hip kids say "shottie!"

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