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August 10, 2010



Hugs to all!

Jen Jones

I am sorry to hear about Steph's hospital stay. What a unfortunate way to end summer vacation. I am glad she is resting comfortably at home now. Sending hugs and good cheer.


Glad you're home and I hope Steph is in good spirits. Take a little time to be kind to yourself -- it's hugely stressful, what you just went through.


I hope you can get some deep and refreshing rest.


I am so sorry to hear of this! Wishing you all rest and recovery. (And I can only imagine the perceived injustice, from a 13-y-o's perspective, of missing the final week of her beloved camp!)


Glad to hear you are all home now. I wish Steph (and you) a speedy and complete recovery! I hope she feels well enough to have some fun before it's time to go back to school


When things get back to normal, you two deserve a girls' weekend away! Enjoy being back in the comfort of your own home.


Only thing better than great nurses is being HOME in your own bed.

karen polinsky

Oh! I am so sorry! It seemed that she had been doing great for a couple of years now, no? And to miss the last two weeks of camp; that's just truly unfair. Hope you are all mending.


I'm sorry to hear about Steph's ordeal. How exhausting to spend 9 days camped out at the hospital. I feel so bad for folks who have kids with serious illnesses and how endless that experience must feel when in the middle of it. Glad you are both home and that she is feeling a bit better. I hope she recovers quickly and that you get some much needed rest. Nothing like your own bed, huh?

Michael Harrison

So sorry to hear about this. Best of luck and wishes to your entire family.


Ug. Sounds awful for everyone. Big hug to you and to Steph. I'm glad she's home and on the mend!

Hachlama mehira (both of you)!


Pin - we are sending warmth and good thoughts from Arizona. Hope everything is back to normal soon. Give Steph our best wishes for a very speedy recovery.


Welcome home!


So sorry to hear about Steph, and all that you've been through. Ditto on the blessing of having access to top care.

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