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August 30, 2010



We just had our second mice-spotting - the exterminator told me that they are coming from the basement, and while they don't usually climb stairs, they can climb right up the inside of the walls! And our mice were hanging out in our pantry so they were nice and plump, yet disappearing behind the tiniest crack near the dishwasher - they can collapse their bodies to less than half an inch.
That's a bummer about your freezer! Mine beeps if it is left open for more than a few seconds, which has saved me numerous times! Although it's the same beep as when you change the ice-type, so I am often jumping up and running to shut the freezer when a kid is just taking some ice water. Feel free to post a yummy chicken soup recipe - mine only tastes good if it's matzah ball soup.


i am so glad and hope i am not jinxing myself by saying that we dont have a rodent problem right now. but i thouroughly enjoyed reading about yours!! thanks.


I think all five of we kids left the freezer door open at one point or another, each ruining hundreds of dollars of food. I'm surprised we weren't all intentionally left at Target for the offense!


I have trained myself pretty well not to look at the clock, but in my town there's a big clock tower at the courthouse, and it bongs loudly on the hour, so often you are finally drifting off to sleep only to be awoken by the loud clock letting you know that it's four. Grrrr.

Susan Champlin

Oh, I think I would happily take several mice in place of losing a freezer full of great food—especially all that good TJ's stuff! That's a mini Fort Knox loss you've had.


We recently had to throw everything out of our basement freezer too, including all of my precious homemade chicken stock and assorted other goodies. In the process of rearranging his room, my son had taken some things out of the room where the freezer is, and unwittingly knocked the electrical cord out of the outlet. We didn't discover it until several days later when we returned home from a short vacation trip. :(


Oh Karen, I know exactly how you feel about the freezer door. . . . . nothing feels worse than throwing away food that you were looking forward to eating. Better safe than sorry!

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