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September 05, 2010



Coin dozer! I love that game! Do you win real quarters or tokens? I am all about cash money! Am very impressed about the helicopter- well done!


Deep-fried ice cream is on my life list, but that doesn't mean I'd turn down a deep-fried oreo if it presented itself.


Did you eat the deep-fried Twinkie before or after the helicopter ride?

More importantly, I love how your family has annual traditions. I've learned (largely from your blog) the great value in doing the same thing year after year --regardless of the activity itself. It binds everyone together and creates a family lore. Tonight we had our annual "ice cream for dinner" to say goodbye to summer. Kids were scandalized when I first proposed it three years ago...and now it's a family tradition.


Julie looks very happy up there.


Sara, the reason I got hooked on the Coin Dozer iPhone app was because of the real thing at the fair! You put in quarters and hope to get back quarters or occasional other goodies. I got a few dollars bills even this time, but otherwise it was a very poor showing. See here: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2007/09/fair-enough.html . I don't expect to win money -- I think of the money I pour in as an "entertainment charge" for the fun of playing.

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