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September 13, 2010



I just downloaded it from iTunes. The 1970s was "my era" and what memories these bring back!

Ellen Goldblatt Brover

After watching the MTV Awards last night this is a refreshing find. While glad to learn I was not alone, most of the music sounded like it was from some other planet. I have an 8 year old, so maybe I'll become more with it, in the next few years. So far, not so much.

Hope the years have been good to you. I've been in So. FL 23 years. Time sure goes fast! Only have one son-- not bad, seeing as the plan was for none, but our lives have been changed in such a positive way.


I just downloaded this about a week ago. I love this album. I really liked his debut album. I bought his second CD and was completely and utterly disappointed so he sort of fell off my radar. My favorite is "Into the Mystic" - it's a great cover with a unique sound.


I've always liked him so I heard wind a few weeks ago and downloaded a few of the tracks.
My latest addiction is the new Ray La Montagne "God Willing & the creek don't rise" - delicious!

karen polinsky

Our wedding song was "True Companion" from his self-titled album. I love it. His last one, Join the Parade, felt very Christian to me. I bet we'd really like his new one.

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