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September 09, 2010



I read somewhere that working moms do the same amount of housework as non-working moms, they just do it in less time. Also, they tend to not be as invested in the state of their house because it isn't the 'only' thing they're doing all day.


I don't think any moms--working or nonworking--ever totally catch up!


K ... after viewing the video in the post following this one, umm, have you ever considered running for office?


I have been a SAHM for a while and am starting to be a WAHM but I disagree that any moms are "non-working".


Of course -- by "working" you know that I mean "working at a job in addition to caring for children." Certainly Mom 1, who cares for her children, and Mom 2, who cares for her children AND has a job, have different amounts of time, energy, and attention for each. When I'm in between work projects, I have more time to do things for and with my children than when I'm working on a deadline.


Jeananne -- I'm not THAT crazy!!

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