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September 26, 2010



This sounds like a fantastic book! Do remember if it was geared toward parents of kids of all ages or mostly older (i.e. fire-starting age) kids?


All of the above! The book is divided into three sections:
1. Early Childhood, which corresponds to the meadow just outside a child's home -- safe to explore and still be close to parents.
2. Middle Childhood, which corresponds to the forest -- still close to home, but a child might lose sight of home briefly and still get home safely.
3. Adolescence, which corresponds to the "rocky ridge," where children must make important decisions about risk-benefit situations, often without parents around to guide them.


That book sounds like it's right up my tree! We're still in the meadow phase, but I love what my kids come up with when given the chance to just bop around outside.

Glad to know of another holdout on the video game system. We are blissfully wii-free!

Jennifer Douglas

The Wild Play book is out that you worked on! Can you tell us more? -Jen in San Diego

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