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October 10, 2010


Seth Lipkin

Much as the "Diaper Dude Black Skull & Cross Bones Diaper Bag" is totally badass, I think I would go for "Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10" and 12" Omelet Combo Set". Much to choose from!


Wow! I'd never heard of them before. Kind of like the Zappos of everything else in the world except shoes. (And maybe they even have those, too!) Well, since their Kikkerland Dachshund Salt and Pepper Shakers are currently out of stock, I'd go for the William Bounds 7" Stainless Steel Retro Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill Combo.


I would absolutely get the Goodhope Bags The Transit Tote Bag in Bourdeux because I need it. My job now has me commuting between two offices and I need to be able to take my laptop and files with me. So I just might buy it whether I win the coupon or not.

andrea d

Adi Designs Women's 705 Boots in Pink - 705-PNK is what i would put it towards

drea8685 at yahoo dot com


So I finally splurged and bought the Ben Sherman Union Jack DOP kit for myself (at Nordstrom Rack, but still). Imagine my chagrin when the zipper on the inside pocket broke almost immediately after I spilled face soap in the lining. Then the main zipper came off.

So much for stylish toiletry kits! Now I need something durable, practical and perhaps with SNAPS!


I am ALWAYS ready to shop. ;)

I'm looking at a new blender. Mine is ailing, and there's smoothies to be made.


I am thinking the black suede Aerosoles boots might be a purchase, since my leather short boots bit the dust last week. OOh but we are sprucing up the basement so maybe something from the MLB store (Red Sox themed of course!)


I would put it toward new dining room chairs!


I would grab a nice dutch oven for some warm winter dinners! I have been dying for a Le Creuset pot, but the price tag gets me every time!


Because it's a "gift", I'm reaching outside my mind. I'm liking the safe: http://www.csnsupply.com/Sentry%AE-Safe-O500-SG1031.html

-it's fire safe
-portable to reach and run in an emergency
-it fits within the certificate price
-it looks like a place I can hide the fun money too


Wow, I'd never heard of them! I'm going to screen in my back porch in the next 6 months, so I headed in that direction. And I would probably use it towards some furniture for my new seating area.


Sooooo many choices!! I have a new induction cooktop and could use an induction-compatible saucepan.


I would put it towards a new microwave, since ours died! I would also consider some wine glasses because who doesn't like wine glasses?


Most likely something wedding or travel related... I'm getting married in 23 days (!!) and going to San Francisco, Maui and Seattle!

Kim Buckton

So many things there! I would buy some holiday gifts... perhaps a new carryon suitcase for my son because his is broken or a toy for my daughter. I suppose I'd have to check out the kitchen things too; you can never have too many kitchen gadgets!


Once upon a time I had a set of silverware that would actually serve guests. Now, it's a little spotty. I would eagerly buy some replacement stuff so we could invite more people to dinner!

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