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October 24, 2010



I like the long hair, but then that's just me. His latest do is called a fauxhawk and is all the rage right now. :)


Nice! It's funny, I've always preferred longish hair on boys, but Nate in his teen years decided that a buzz cut was the way to go (I missed seeing his copper-penny hair!) And now in the Navy, same thing, of course. By the time he'll want/or can grown it out, it'll probably have lost its pretty copper tint.


You know, I just realized that I've been reading your blog for a freaking long time - because the pics of Pete I remember were a LOT younger.

Rachel K

Wow! Looks like 2 different boys! I gotta say, as a mom of two boys, I love the buzzcut. So much easier to maintain!


I think the buzz cut looks very handsome on him. And I know from my experience that he'll appreciate the lower maintenance!


LOVE the cut. For me, short hair for my son is a battle I will fight.
Good luck on the homefront with Andy!!


I called Hijo over to look at the "before" shot, and he was amazed at how much he and Pete look alike. The similarity is not so strong with Pete's shorter hair, but is pretty strong still. Hijo is sticking to his long hair, though.


Soccer!? My son made the U.S. Olympic National Pool when he was 17. He traveled to Argentina and Florida to represent the U.S., and loved it. Yep, he has short hair too. It always irritated him because he'd watch other players flippin their hair before a critical kick or to beat someone etc.

Good luck to you...way to go to make your play better!!!

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