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October 07, 2010



The UPS store would definitely be where you'd end up here in WA, too! ;o) The differences between regions in our country never cease to amaze me. I lived in Maine briefly and I honestly felt I was in another country. (As well as 20 years in the past!)


They don't all them Package Stores here in GA, because I have used that term here and I get... the blank stare - and the - "I thought you had to go buy beer" look. But I will say, it is hard for me to remember that in MA you don't sell beer/wine in the grocery stores (or at least most of them) and here in GA they do sell beer & wine in the grocery stores - so convenient!


Hilarious! As a college freshman in Boston who hailed from Miami, I had to learn not just about "packies", but also about "frappes", "grinders", and "wicked good/bad". Boston was an amazing place to go to school. I miss those beautiful fall "foliage" weekends!


And in Philadelphia, liquor was (is?) sold in "state stores." Never even heard of a package store until I moved to Connecticut.

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