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November 03, 2010


Seth Lipkin

I read your linked article just before you posted it. Exactly. If GM and all the banks had just *failed*? Carnage. Heck, as a Toyota shareholder, I wouldn't have hated to see GM go away, but as an American, I knew the costs of such a thing.


We need to look for silver linings where we can. I, for one, shouted for joy when I learned that Sharron Angle had been defeated. And as a Connecticut voter, I was particularly glad that my state rejected Linda McMahon and her nasty, overbearing campaign. But it is pretty disheartening that the "party of no" got rewarded for standing in the way of making any progress on the economy or anything else over the past two years.


I THOUGHT I lived in a blue state or at least in a blue half(western part) but that isn't demonstrated by the crazy people and initiatives that people voted for. Maybe I need to move.


I'm with Elena. SO happy Sharron Angle will not be representing my state. Whew.

Tonya Watkins

I really do believe the idiocy of this election will bode well for Obama in 2012. OK, I HOPE it will.


Here's the nutcase that my district just elected. Even my Libertarian husband didn't vote for him!

Read what he's written at the peril of possible high blood pressure or anger attacks.


I found myself wishing I did live in Massachusetts on Tuesday night. But I think you are right, let the current situation play itself out. 2012 will be a different story.


Thank you for your rational voice. I needed it today. Ugh.


Love it! I'm pretty proud of my state - we elected a democratic governor (John Hickenlooper, who ran the cleanest campaign I've ever seen and is an incredibly interesting guy - can't wait to see what he does) and re-elected our democratic senator Michael Bennett (appointed 2 years ago to fill Ken Salazar's spot). It was a tough battle, but we prevailed! Also happy for Nevada and Delaware.

Gena @ A Bluebonnet in Beantown

Yep. I think it's one of the many benefits of moving here from Texas. The fall colors. The public transportation. (And those of you who just snorted in derison, you haven't experienced Texas public transportation). And election results that make one feel buoyed, not in a deep funk. My friends still in Texas were feeling mighty frustrated (although not surprised).

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