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November 17, 2010



I would snack on them when I get home from work. That's when I have to fight the urge to devour the unhealthy snacks in the house.

This is cool because my son came home from school just yesterday talking about this product. Apparently they now offer it in the high school cafeteria & it's a big hit!

Kim Buckton

I can't eat the Popchips because I am on a gluten free diet, but my children love to have chips w/ their lunch so we'd enjoy them at lunchtime. It might be too hard for me not to eat them, though, while the popchips people test the gluten free ness of this snack.


Oh, dear. This is from the Popchip site:
"While our popped chips are not made with any gluten ingredients, we don't claim they are gluten-free. Because we make popchips on equipment shared with wheat, we can't assure you there are no trace amounts of gluten. We're working on it, though, as we finish the testing to certify our gluten free-ness. But for now, if you're highly allergic, we have to recommend you don't eat popchips. Sorry."
So, on the one hand, they sound OK, but better not to take chances, eh?


My boys would snack on them when they get home, all afternoon, right before dinner, right after dinner, and right before they go to bed.


I love popchips and would love to get them. I get the assorted case on Amazon (subscribe and save) to satisfy my salt-tooth since I can't find them in stores. I love them! I would definitely eat them to solve my mid-afternoon salt attack.


I would eat them on the weekend while catching up on my DVR'd shows. I'd hope there are spicy versions.


Lurve Popchips. :)


I love popchips!

Rachel K

Love the plain ones! Like to snack on them at my desk around 3pm.


I've never heard of them before, but would love to try them. I would eat them anytime the "hungry-horrors" strike.


First I've heard of them. I'd try plain with a sandwich at lunch. Or salt & vinegar in late afternoon.


I would eat them with lunch at work since I can't seem to get through a day without eating some chip product. By the way, I have celiac and have tried pop chips (based on the ingredient list) and had no problem. So Kim depending on how sensitive you are you're probably OK.

Kim Buckton

Thanks, B.O.B. - I think I will be OK w/ them too. I presume they are cleaning the lines between products w/ gluten and POP Chips.


I would eat them with fruit at breakfast. I love crunchy things.


Watching the Roughriders in the playoffs! Go Riders Go! :)


Crunchy snacks are so good while cooking dinner. These flavors sound delicious too....

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