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January 13, 2011



I believe with all my heart that if Apple had initially partnered with Verizon (as they tried to do), we'd have all spent the last few years pining for an AT&T iPhone to rescue us. Still, that doesn't mean big red is going to repeat the death star's mistakes. They've had a few years to get their act together and have had some experience with usable smartphones running Android. My guess is there may be problems but they will be less severe. The other day the Verizon web site was nonresponsive due to people trying to order iPhones, which made me giggle a little.


I love my iPhone and have better service than I ever had with Verizon. I am not going back! We also have AT&T U-verse (fantastic!) and Internet (fantastic!). As you said, the customer service has always been great, although I've barely had the occasion to use it.


Seriously, you just saved me like, 20 minutes of reading all the boring press releases to help me decide what to do about my iPhone lust issue. I'm also going to wait until summer. I'm going to be the coolest kid on the block after you Karen! PS - have you been reading all the fantastic postings from the December Ted.com conference? You and all your bleaders should read the one about mammography, at the very least. http://www.ted.com/talks/deborah_rhodes.html

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