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January 19, 2011



I'm almost afraid to say this, but I've never been called. It seems like everyone I know who *has* served, has done so multiple times, though.

Diane Fischler

Didn't want to tweet this, but yes. About 25 years ago, in Boston. Rape trial. Girl was 11 at the time, perp was her best friend's father. They were from the wrong side of the tracks in Brockton, which should tell you all you need to know. Girl was 14 at time of trial, and testified. She was amazing. Defendant was a beady-eyed slimeball with absolutely nothing in his favor, including his broken down hack public defender. We deliberated for about 90 minutes and unanimously delivered a guilty verdict. The sentencing came later, so we never knew how long they sent him up for, and the whole thing left me feeling disturbed and off kilter. Have managed to either be dismissed from the jury after being seated, or all cases settled, so never served again.


I've also been to cambridge and was sent home after 1pm, they told us what they told you--that there was a back-up and we'd be impaneled, but nothing happened. Never served on a jury trial; but I am up again next year...


Three years? I get a summons every damn year. Never yet served, although I've been impaneled several times, including for a grisly case involving multiple child molestations by a father/stepfather. And the girls, still minors, were scheduled to testify. So very glad I missed that one.

I also escaped a civil trial (age discrimination) that, I was later told, ran six months. And the plaintiff lost.

I've actually met some intelligent, thoughtful people on jury panels. But my heart invariably sinks when I see that official envelope.


I've never served on a jury, but I have been summoned every year for the past several years. I don't know why they keep summoning me, since we only have to serve once every three years (and can be excused until the the three years are up). I made it to the voir dire once and was then rejected. I have to say it still bugs me not knowing why they didn't want me. I suspect it was the defense attorney who let me go. The last time I went, I never made it to the voir dire, but sat in the little jury room waiting until 5pm before they finally let us go.


I have never been called for jury duty and have now probably jinxed myself.


Yep. I got called several times when I had small children, for whom I was main caretaker. Didn't serve then. But I served a few years before. It was about an accident on a city bus and someone who was permanently damaged. It was a decent experience.


I have the absolute worst luck with juries. I was called just after college and had moved out of the area weeks prior to needing to go. Then wasn't called again until I was 38. I had been told you basically showed up and went home or maybe got a cou[le of day trial and ended up on a 14 day murder trial. Two years and 6 months later I was called again and ended up on a child molestation case. That was two years ago. In September I was impaneled on a federal grand jury that lasts 18 months. I think I deserve the rest of my life off.


By the way to actually answer your question. The murder case was fascinating. It was also the most draining 2 and a half weeks I've ever been through.

The molestation case was disturbing.

and I'm literally not allowed to say anything specifically about the grand jury but it is very interesting.


I sat on a jury a number of years ago in downtown Boston. They made the me head juror (or whatever you call it) and it was pretty embarrassing. Anyway, the case was about a guy who punched another guy in a bar, and the bouncer who intervened. I don't remember all the details, but the way I saw it, and the way the rest of the folks on the jury saw it, was very different. I remember that I ended up having to defer to the majority. Interesting experience...

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