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February 15, 2011



You are an inspiration!


This is fantastic, Karen! We are also committed to hunger relief in our family and support Waltham Community Farms, which raises organic produce for local pantries (along with a traditional CSA). We also have developed a great relationship with our local food pantry. I once asked the director what things they needed the most that people never seemed to donate, and she answered "larger diapers" without skipping a beat. It seems people always donate infant and newborn diapers, but bigger babies and toddlers need them just as much and because toddler diapers are more expensive...you get the picture. So I actually stopped bringing food and now I just save up to buy cases of size 5,6, and pull-up diapers. They literally jump up and down when I drop them off. It's a fantastic feeling.


Great post, Karen! And thanks to Katy for the perspective on diapers; never thought about it.


That's wonderful.. such a good feeling. The next four weeks my church is collecting flour, salt and other non-perishables in order to pack them into containers and send off to third world countries. Last year the group (city wide) collected enough for 372 containers to be shipped abroad.

I like your thoughts of doing something locally. I shall have to look into it around here as well.


Thanks for the reminder. I've dropped things in the Atlanta Food Bank collection bins, but they are only in my office seasonally. I certainly don't go out of my way.

Plus Cliff and I waste A LOT of food. We buy rotisserie chickens and only eat the breast, and we toss probably a third of all the fruit we buy because it goes bad.

It's disgusting how clueless we are.

I am going to follow your lead and make more of an effort.



This is sort of random, but I saw your post and then today Mir (not sure if you're familiar with her) linked to this: http://wantnot.net/2011/02/17/this-ones-a-little-fishy/


As a long time Family Table recipient, my kids and I thank you. Without Family Table my kids would be hungry a lot more than they are normally. The food usually lasts about a week, but it allows me to not spend money on staples like pasta and rice. It really does help. So thanks for your efforts.

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