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February 02, 2011



OK, but what I don't get is, what's the point of not just making it as regular spaghetti carbonara? The fact that you can prepare it ahead of time and then bake it?


Yes, that would be a plus, but this is really a different animal -- it's "set" like a quiche, so the texture is completely different. I think it would be yummy at any temperature, too.

Tonya Watkins

Yum, this sounds really good. (And easy! I like easy!)


You are an evil, evil woman! This is worth making for the name alone, never mind the creamy, bacony goodness.


"We're talking fresh, healthful ingredients here." Viz. 2 (TWO!) cups (CUPS!) grated Parmesan, 6 (SIX!) eggs, 8 (EIGHT!) strips bacon. But hey, no half-and-half, and it's got a vegetable (garlic), so how could David Kessler object?

All snarkiness notwithstanding, it sounds damn tasty.


I had a feeling someone was going to call me on that. Well, guess what, I didn't eat the whole pan myself. In fact, the 5 of us ate maybe 2/3 or 3/4 of the pan all together. Which means that each of us got maybe 1 slice of bacon, less than 1 egg, and a few tablespoons each of milk and Parm. I served a big, colorful garden salad alongside, and I consider that a healthy meal.


If this awesome dish serves 8, I calculate (using fat free milk) that it is 12 WW points per serving. I think I'm going to have to wait for a special occassion...


(deleted rant)

But I will say - BRING IT ON! Cheese, eggs, bacon and all!

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