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March 09, 2011



Hi, Karen. I've had spasmodic dysphonia for nearly 30 years (a rare, neurologically based disorder that produces strangled-sounding speech; it's treated, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, with Botox injections directly into the vocal cords -- for me, about every eight weeks for the past 25 years, except when I was pregnant). I experienced this film with both emotional pain and a great sense of relief -- the latter because the film might help people understand how profoundly difficult it is to be shut off from expressing oneself. Talking is so fundamental to the human experience. Firth did an extraordinary job of conveying the complex array of emotions (and sometimes the sheer terror) that one can experience in trying to speak in important situations. I loved this movie, and hope it will expand people's understanding. True empathy for our fellow human beings is in short supply in this world, this being just one very small example.


Be sure to read Christopher Hitchens' posts on the bad history in it, esp. now that you've watched it:


Your reaction to the R rating was the same as mine when I found out that Once is rated R. What a wonderful, sweet, thoughtful movie that I'm dying to watch with my kids. A few F-bombs at the beginning and it gets an R rating? And The Dark Knight, with its relentless darkness, violence, explosions and garotting, gets a PG-13? A joke.


On a sort of related note, we watched the Kids are All Right last night - yuck. I was surprised this was oscar-worthy even though I usually love Annette Benning. At the end of the movie my husband said he hated all the characters equally.


I liked this movie so much. Of course, I have no clue about the real king and his speech and all that, but I felt the characters fit perfectly. And I hung onto every dialog of Rush, i loved him so! its ridiculous, the R rating..
my husband was actually sad that 'the King' didn't know so many swear words. !!

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