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April 13, 2011



Lucky you didn't get a ticket - I've been told it counts as a moving violation, which is points on your insurance and a big bump in the insurance rate.

Moral of the story - don't play that game!-)


Oh gosh, I can't believe it takes 14 weeks to get a new license plate! I remember registering my car in MA for the first time, I walked in & then out of the RMV with a shiny new plate and went to get the inspection! I wonder if there has been a run on new plates, and they were out?...Or maybe the lady just didn't feel like going to get one. :( So sorry it had to be now when you have so much on your plate! (pun)


Jonathan: Yikes! And I forgot to mention that I am also in the dangerous habit of driving around without my license, particularly when I'm just dropping the kids off and picking them up. If I'd been stopped for the inspection sticker and been unable to produce my license, THAT would have been bad.


Jimandrachel: For some stupid reason, I have a special "low number" plate, so it had to be ordered. Grrrr!

Torque Wrench

you really have a very busy schedule but luck is with you..I had my plate revised too because it was ruined during the snow storm



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