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May 03, 2011



I think it has less to do with honor than fear. People are afraid to pick anything that they do not know for sure is safe - from a wallet on the road to suitcases. People are afraid to talk to strangers even. And the most funny part is that people stick to 'being safe' in the busiest places as well as the lonely ones.


Someone took one of our bags recently by mistake and we had to wait all day for it to be returned by the guy and then couriered out to us. He was halfway across the country when he realised his mistake! Luckily Ireland is tiny :)

Hope you had a great trip!


My experience is the same. TSA has been nothing but nice (if not exactly affable), but I have been stopped to show my luggage claim tags all of one time. So, that's like 1 out of 50 in the last several years.

I did recently neglect to account for TSA and did not check my bag that included my DOP kit - and my French cologne. The TSA agent was really nice. He said that he could tell I travel often because I wore no belt, and he ignored the '4ozs' label on the bottom of the bottle.

But what if I'd checked that bag and someone made off with my Guerlain Vetiver?!

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