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May 22, 2011



I've had Room on my table for several days, trying to decide whether to read it - for precisely the reasons you mention. Because of your review I opened it today and now I'm glad I did. Thanks!


i was not a big fan of The Ten Year Nap, but I loved Room. I agree with you that the premise is awful, but somehow the book is not. In an odd way, it was interesting as a reader to try and figure out what the boy was describing; the author did a great job of rendering a five-year=old's perspective on what seems to him to be normal and to us to be bizarre and even a bit macabre.

I can't recall why I didn't love Ten Year Nap, so it may have been more to do with my mood at the time I was reading it then with the book itself, I'll have to give it another look.

I just finished "This Is Where I Leave You" by Jonathon Tropper, and I am trying NOT to read all his other books right away because I'm afraid they won't live up to that one. Thought it a wonderfully, wryly written book about a dysfunctional family sitting shiva for their dad's death, and it was witty, sad, poignant, and most of all fun--can't remember the last time I read a fun book. I'd definitely recommend it!


I listened to Room recently and harrowing is definitely a way to describe certain parts. I had to remind myself that this was fiction


I'm glad you finally read Room! I could've told you that she did a great job with the 5-year-old narrator's voice. I still think about that book from time to time, and I read it months ago. I'm really glad you liked it. Now I have to look up The Ten-Year Nap. That sounds like something I can definitely relate to.


I really liked Wolitzer's "The Wife" and "The Position." And I admit that I was afraid to open up "Room" as well. Might have to reconsider that one.


I read Room because, of all things, Jennifer Weiner recommended it on her Facebook page. It was very well done. Now I'm curious about Meg Wolitzer.

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